About Us

susan-croppedWelcome to the world of Susan Levinson. I have been passionate about the environment and raising awareness for a long time. I have been recycling since at least since the first Earth Day in 1970.  I was a member of a food coop and we celebrated Earth Day by renting  a trailer and recycling glass.

A lot has changed since 1970.  There’s a lot more recycling and a lot more to recycle.  Back then we drank tap water and if we were out we drank from the water fountain.  I just found out recently that some people in different parts of the country call them bubblers. No matter what you called them, no one carried around plastic water bottles, there weren’t any!  There was no re-use, just using what we had like the canteen I used as a Girl Scout.  I recommend the Story of Bottled Water for insight in to how things got the way they are today.

Then there are plastic bags.  Plastic bags, that’s another thing we didn’t have back in the 70s. My grandparents were grocers in South Philadelphia.  People took their groceries home in paper bags.  They fresh sliced meat or cheese onto a sheet paper like you use to pick up baked goods and then wrapped it in butcher’s paper or brown paper.  I still use the folding method I learned as a child to wrap sandwiches in waxed paper.  The great thing about doing that is  when you unwrap the sandwich you have something to put it on while you eat it.